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'Tis the season to donate holiday decor

So you have 10 bins of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations, there’s nothing wrong with that!

Unless of course some items haven’t seen the light of day since your parents dropped them off at your house five years ago when they decided to downsize. This year, as you sip hot cider and excitedly unpack the bins of sparkly skeletons, paper-mache turkeys or singing snowmen, why not bring in a bag to fill with unwanted holiday decor for donation?

When the bag is full, put it in your car immediately for drop off at your favorite charitable organization. Your hidden trash might be someone’s new treasure. Or if you believe your decor would bring in some cold, hard cash then stop by your favorite consignment store.

I love shopping for sparkly vintage holiday baubles at local antique, thrift and consignment stores. Just ask me about my beloved reindeer drink coasters!

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