In-person half-day rate (4 hours)


$320 (or $80/hour)


  • 12 hours:  $900 (a savings of $60)

  • 24 hours:  $1,800 (a savings of $120)

  • 32 hours:  $2,400 (a savings of $160)

  • 48 hours:  $3,600 (a savings of $240)

With a package you receive access to me with a guaranteed time on the calendar.


For example, if you want to work together 4 hours every other Monday morning for 6 months, choose the 48-hour package to obtain the best rate. Packages can be payable in two installments.

Virtual services


Purchase four 1-hour virtual sessions, receive one free. Virtual organizing, an alternative to in-person organizing, is a collaborative approach where a plan is developed to achieve a desired outcome based on an initial assessment. Familiarity with technology such as FaceTime, Zoom, Skype etc. is necessary.


  • 2-hour in-person assessment and written plan (ideal for the self-motivated DIYer):  $300

  • Travel fee for distance more than 30 miles:  $40

  • Shopping fee (alone or with client):  $40/hour

Gift certificates - Purchase here instantly or contact me for details.

  • 1 hour toward in-person or virtual organizing:  $80

  • 2-hour in-person assessment and written plan:  $300

  • Half-day (4-hour) session:  $320

  • 12-hour package:  $900