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K. M.

Middleton, WI

The basement storage area is LIFE CHANGING for me. Already, I have found several items that needed a “home” that I was able to store quickly and easily. I really like working 1:1 (+ wonderful interns) versus a big team that does a whole home overhaul. Your thoughtful work and helpful insight allows for good long-term changes versus just quickly making something look aesthetically pleasing but doesn't work for the family or client. But you still make it all look so good!! So good!! And it's been great using what we have on hand thus far, instead of buying all new storage just for the sake of aesthetics. Thanks again for all your hard work and help - I am feeling SO MUCH BETTER about my whole basement, like I can breathe again. My daughter took out some stickers today and was able to quickly clean up in less than 2 minutes to get things sorted. NEVER EVER has happened!! 

R. B. H.

Fitchburg, WI

Melanie was friendly, helpful, realistic, and compassionate when she helped me with my unfinished basement storage space. She kept the process moving and I was so impressed with how much we got done. Something that I had been trying for years to organize, she helped me finish in three sessions. Highly recommend her.

P. R.

Madison, WI

Melanie is such a great person to work with when it comes to cleaning out and organizing. She doesn't judge or criticize. She has helped me to get my life back on track. She is absolutely the BEST! She has made such a positive difference in my life - so very grateful!

S. W.

Fitchburg, WI

I absolutely loved Melanie’s services! My office/craft room is now totally clutter-free and looks AHmazing! I learned some hot tips on organizing, plus she gave me great ideas for other rooms in my home. It was so motivating to have her here helping me make quicker decisions and not getting off task by having a “relocate later” bin. Money well spent!

H. Y.

Madison, WI

Melanie helped us get through the "how do I start?" phase and into making huge progress in the first few hours we worked together as well as next steps. I appreciate her kind and patient approach to what I consider an overwhelming project. I am excited to keep working with her!

S. O.

Portage, WI

Melanie absolutely helped reset my home and my life! Having a busy house, full-time employment, young children, and all during COVID, everything became more than unorganized! She came in without judgment. She listened with empathy and understanding. She gave suggestions. She provided phenomenal follow-up emails of support and encouragement. When she came it was like having a second me to get things done. I could not and have not made as much progress with family or friend help because of time, energy and feelings of my own shame or guilt. Every penny was well worth it! I highly recommend Melanie come help support you. She is efficient, kind, patient and nonjudgmental. Thank you, Melanie, for helping us to get caught back up! She is a lifesaver! She is a mom-saver!

K. T.

Madison, WI

Melanie was awesome! She took away three carloads of donations during our sessions which made me feel so good. We got a lot done working side-by-side and my house and garage look and feel much better. I would highly recommend her!

F. T.

Madison, WI

My task was to move my Madison apartment to California. The challenge is that it's during COVID, and I was not physically in Madison. The task was a huge headache until I found Melanie. Melanie is a life saver and made the moving process amazingly smooth and worry free. She helped me pack, sort, toss, donate, and then ship things I wanted to keep. When she was in my Madison apartment, we Facetimed and she brought up almost every item to the camera, so that I could decide whether to keep or toss it. When I got the packages, all items were packed in an extremely tidy and solid way. Melanie is highly professional, responsive, experienced, organized, detail oriented and diligent. She was also super inspiring, informative, and supportive while we worked together remotely. She thought through my issues, listened to my ideas, and communicated clearly to make sure everything was in order. I can't express how much I appreciate her help!

A. S.

Madison, WI

Melanie "took the bull by the horns" and we actually accomplished something I had been putting off for a long time. I am now following through with a framework and am seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. Much to do, but with a sense I can proceed!!!!

L. S.

Verona, WI

Having help come on a scheduled time and date is the motivation I needed! Once Melanie left, I often felt like I just wanted to keep going even though I should rest. Melanie driving away with the donations was a huge benefit. This help is of benefit for persons who do not have the physical ability to move things. Her written follow-up summary of what was accomplished is emotionally helpful. I built confidence in Melanie and then could trust that what she decided was fine. She was very respectful of my wishes, values and interests, and rolled with what I wanted. She never forced herself or her ideas onto me.

Madison College


Fall 2020

Melanie brought no-judgment calmness to a topic that can be emotionally loaded. I really benefited from her step-by-step thinking and ended class feeling that decluttering is possible.

L. O.

Middleton, WI

Thank you for coming by today. I am having multiple flashbacks to several years ago when my life was easier. I’ve felt better this afternoon and evening than I have for a long time.

A. A.

Sun Prairie, WI

I can't thank you enough for all your help. My closet is like a dream and I love it now! It has stayed very organized and the door is open so I see it every day!

M. A.

Madison, WI

I can't wait to finish going through each section of the house and implementing the plan you provided. It is nice to have a clear plan of attack – much less overwhelming this way.

L. H.

Fitchburg, WI

It is hard to imagine that the empty shambles I called home after a horrible divorce looks so wonderful now. Everything has its place. Melanie was never pushy but always helpful when it came to letting go of old memories and "stuff." On the days that I just didn't think I could push through the sadness, she never overwhelmed me. I don't know what I would have done without her!! Highly recommend!! I will look forward to working with her on some new projects. Thanks Melanie, You're Amazing!!

J. H.

Reedsburg, WI

I was very pleased with the work we completed and Melanie’s great suggestions along the way. She is patient, calm and keeps things on track. I ordered several of the handy organizing items she suggested and sent me links for, and they’ve worked out very well. When she left she gave a clear plan for how to keep moving forward. The work we accomplished (paper organization and filing) has been less of a stressor and burden moving forward. I plan to use Melanie again in the future and would highly recommend her services and expertise!

E. S.

Sun Prairie, WI

I had a rental unit garage that was left with “tons” of items and it was literally overwhelming. It was great to have Melanie come in and get things sorted in a professional, logical, and organized manner. It went smooth and once logically sorted was easy to dispose of items in a quick manner to have a clean garage. I wish I had a photo of the garage EMPTY and CLEAN . . . Highly recommend Melanie whether it is a closet, room, storage unit, cleaning out/downsizing. Takes the stressful aspect of complete OVERWHELM out of the equation.

T. H.

DeForest, WI

Melanie has great ideas, tips and tricks to get a multi-generational household organized. If you need to get the dreaded clutter managed, call Melanie. Melanie is very knowledgeable, non-judgmental and kind.

Madison College student

Fall 2020

Melanie was very knowledgeable and open to answering any and all questions. She gave practical tips on how to organize different parts of my household and life.

K. S.

Deerfield, WI

Melanie was professional and so very helpful. She prompted me with helpful questions when I was struggling on what to keep and what to purge. Her encouragement kept me going!

F. T.

Madison, WI

Melanie is not only a super organized person, but also has expertise in guiding people to organize. She is very friendly and easy to work with. I lacked motivation to unpack by myself, and did not know where to start, so I contacted Melanie for help. She responded very quickly, and we had a phone call to communicate basic process and my needs. During the 3-hour visit, she guided me to unpack and organize my kitchen, and parts of my living room. She was really helpful and efficient!

A. D.

Windsor, WI

Melanie was very professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. She was able to quickly catch the vision and assist me with implementing it surprisingly fast. I am delighted with her work and will definitely engage her as needed in the future.

A. G.

Belleville, WI

Melanie was amazing. I desperately needed help getting ready for a cross-state move and she made it so much easier to handle. She went the extra mile to assist me. I am recommending her to anyone who needs help organizing and moving.

D. K.

Los Angeles, CA

I live in Los Angeles, CA and my son goes to the UW-Madison - and it was time for him to come home for the summer - so what's a mom to do who is also a professional organizer? Well, find a professional organizer near Madison, of course! It was a dream come true! Short of flying out there myself, Melanie was the perfect surrogate mom-organizer working with my son to pack up all his stuff in his dorm. From helping him decide what to leave for storage and pack into boxes and what to bring home in his suitcase. Melanie gave me the confidence that everything, from bringing all the supplies, to labeling everything for storage, to packing things so they would be in one piece when he returned in the Fall - would get done! Hiring her gave me the peace of mind I needed to know that all would go smoothly. When my son arrived back home he readily admitted that he really could not have done the whole "packing thing" without her. Thank you Melanie, you were the best investment ever!

E. D.

Oconomowoc, WI

Melanie is a miracle worker! She has helped me organize my home including my kitchen and office. I love the progress we have made and am looking forward to her help again. She is highly knowledgeable about organizing.

M. M.

Verona, WI

My shop is now clear and usable for the first time since we moved here, and I have already finished my first project. Our cars are both in the garage, and we can get to them without any problems. I couldn't have done any of this without you. It was just too overwhelming until you got me started and showed me how to get the job done. So thank you again! You are really awesome!

M. C.

Madison, WI

Melanie is working with me to reorganize my apartment at a time when I am facing some hard decisions. With the clarity that an organized environment brings, I am in a better place to evaluate my options. I am very grateful for her skills.

M. R.

Middleton, WI

Melanie is extremely sweet. She helps me accomplish so much more than I could accomplish myself. She has a lot of good ideas. It is easier to keep my stuff in order after she's helped me organize and purge. Highly recommend her.

J. C.

Stoughton, WI

Melanie was a tremendous help. She held our hands when it came time to make the tough decision of keeping it, give it away or toss it. I'm serious when I say we couldn't have done this without her. And her help continues with posting pictures of items that didn't sell at the garage sale on Craigslist. I would highly recommend her and her services to everyone who needs an extra hand during a difficult situation.

K. F.

DeForest, WI

Melanie has an amazing ability to quickly assess a situation and know where to start the process and how to get to the project end goal. Melanie assisted with a recent move within our family, one that had to be done very quickly and from more than one location. She helped us organize the stuff that had to be packed and moved, and helped to coordinate the next steps of the project. On moving day, Melanie was able to assist with directing the movers and getting everything where it needed to be. Melanie gave us a clear vision of the steps we had to take in this process, and kept us on task as we went. The time she spent saved us 10x as many hours on our own. We could not be more grateful for her assistance and look forward to working with her again!

J. K.

Madison, WI

Melanie is wonderful to work with. She is prompt, professional, helpful, and non-judgmental. I was on the fence as to whether I could benefit from an organizer. I read organizing blogs and watch some videos and felt informed. And yet, my space didn't seem to be fully working for me and my family. So, even though it felt like a little extravagant to hire someone to come directly to me, I did. And I'm so glad! Melanie was able to see things differently (i.e., better) than I could. A family member who came over to my house soon after Melanie worked with me was so impressed by how much better the space is that she's planning to book a session with Melanie herself. I've already recommended Reset to friends and colleagues, too. If you feel like you've tried to follow the tips and tricks you've seen online or elsewhere and still just don't feel great about how your space is being used, I highly recommend working with Melanie! The in-person, customized advice is a huge value-add.

M. B.

Madison, WI

Melanie was amazing!!! Not only incredibly helpful with organizing, but so kind. I hate organizing, but I actually enjoyed the time we spent organizing. I loved that there was absolutely no judgment or negativity about my disorganized apartment, just help moving forward. I have already recommended Melanie to several people I know.

T. K.

Madison, WI

Melanie was a life saver! I moved from Vegas and was overwhelmed with unpacking. I contacted Melanie and she came and saved the day! My place looks awesome and she works fast too. I highly recommend hiring Melanie for all your household organizing!

J. E.

Verona, WI

Melanie became our family’s favorite visitor: my kids were always excited to see how a space was transformed after our work together, my husband was just happy that I didn’t feel so overwhelmed and confused with where to start, and I finally got to feel like I CAN take care of my home the way I want to if I just have a bit of guidance in getting things started. Melanie taught me skills that I always felt like I should have learned when I was 10, but with zero judgment and lots of positive encouragement. We’re a better functioning, happier home thanks to Melanie!

T. A.

Madison, WI

Melanie brought her organizational skills to our event and had a great impact on making the sales floor look wonderful! Her professional manner, and input was appreciated! She immediately put you at ease when talking with her and had great ideas. I'd highly recommend Melanie to anyone who wants to bring some order to their lives!

S. P.

Kelsey, CA

Melanie helped us out when our uncle passed away and we needed help in cleaning out his apartment. She turned our unpleasant experience into an easy process. She was professional in everything she did and went beyond our expectations in helping us to manage the entire process. We are so thankful for her help.

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