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Time to bust some organizing myths

When you think about decluttering and organizing a space – or even your life – what do you tell yourself? Have you ever thought, “no one ever taught me so it’s hopeless now,” or something similar?

There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding decluttering/organizing so I’d like to share some common ones I hear regularly:

  1. Myth: Some people are born organized, I’m not one of them. Fact: Organizing is a skill that anyone can learn. It just needs to make sense for you and your life.

  2. Myth: It’s an overwhelming and endless chore. Fact: Organizing boils down to one simple, predictable process. Once you get it, organizing can be a cleansing and empowering process.

  3. Myth: It’s impossible to stay organized. Fact: Organizing is sustainable if the system is built around the way you think and can be adapted as your life changes.

  4. Myth: Organizing is not a good use of my time. Fact: You may feel like you should be doing more important things, but in today’s quickly changing world those who are disorganized can become easily overwhelmed.

You may have said these things (and more) to yourself, but these myths are simply not true. I don’t want you having these thoughts ever again!

Contact me at (608) 345-1836 or to learn how I can help you become a more organized person.


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