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Lighten the load of your linen closet

Do you struggle with an overflowing linen closet? If so, you may have too many linens, or the space where you store them is not perfect. Or both! Let’s look at both issues.

If you have too many linens, then you just need to make some quick decisions.

To reduce the quantity of linens in your closet:

  • Take a minute to separate sentimental items from functional everyday items. Your great-grandmother’s delicate napkins, tablecloths, doilies, and quilts you never use should not be in this space. Store them carefully with other family memorabilia.

  • Review all items and remove anything worn out, stained, scratchy, and torn. Let go of anything you are tired of seeing and using. Many old towels and blankets can be donated to local animal shelters.

  • Keep only as many extra sheet sets, blankets, and bath linens that are needed for the maximum number of guests you have typically. You don’t need enough for a four-generation family reunion slumber party.

  • Add labels to the shelves if you have trouble identifying the full size from the queen size. Label according to what makes sense for you – by room, by person’s name, by sheet size, etc. Just make sure to place them in the correct spot after they are laundered.

  • If you rarely entertain, keep only basic table linens that can be used for any holiday or occasion. Then enhance the space with festive décor and seasonal flowers. No one will notice that your tablecloth is beige instead of red.

If you lack space in your linen closet – or lack a closet at all – consider one or more of the following:

  • Store bed linens in the room where you use them. Try storing them in the bottom drawer of your dresser, on a high shelf in your bedroom closet, in a storage container under the bed, or even put a set under your mattress.

  • Store bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths in the bathroom. Try storing them on a wall-mounted shelf, a cabinet, under the sink, or in a basket. My first apartment decades ago included the tiniest bathroom known to man. I had no linen closet, no vanity, no floor space, and one tiny shelf to hold toiletries. So I installed a wire shelf upside down above the bathroom door – the only space available in this closet-like bathroom. I sometimes wonder if it’s still there!

  • Store special occasion linens like tablecloths and napkins in the dining area with other serving ware and party goods. Stash them in a corner cabinet, buffet, hutch, piano bench, cedar chest, anywhere with space to spare.

Want to take control of your linen closet lickety-split but need some assistance? Give me a call today at (608) 345-1836 or use the Contact Form.


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