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Let go of the little things

Spring cleaning is a phrase we’ve all heard a million times. But I know an even better one . . . summer decluttering. How do I get this phrase trending, so it becomes a common thing?


Summer decluttering doesn’t have to be a big project. Each day let go of little things that are taking up space and before you know it, you’ll see some big results.


The calendar tells me there are 62 days until September so let’s focus on one type of item each day to remove from our home and life. Whether you toss, recycle, donate, repurpose, or sell these items, you will have a more relaxing, clutter-free home by fall.

Your summer decluttering checklist


  1. Glasses with an outdated prescription

  2. Wire hangers from the dry cleaner

  3. Manuals to items you no longer own

  4. Grocery store receipts

  5. Stained plastic food storage containers

  6. Promotional magnets

  7. Shoes that do not fit properly

  8. Travel brochures

  9. Recipes you will never make

  10. Vases from the florist

  11. Out-of-date spices

  12. College textbooks you never open

  13. VHS tapes of recorded TV shows/movies

  14. Broken/chipped dishware

  15. Dead batteries

  16. Swimsuits with failed elastic

  17. Expired food

  18. Worn out sheets and blankets

  19. Old markers, pens, and crayons

  20. Childhood trophies

  21. Cookbooks you do not use

  22. Worn out luggage

  23. Old phone books and catalogs

  24. Candy from past holidays

  25. Dead plants

  26. Magazines more than 3 months old

  27. Old hairbrushes and combs

  28. Broken holiday decorations

  29. Cooking utensils you have multiples of

  30. Scarves and hats you never wear

  31. Makeup that smells or is dried out

  32. Toys your pet no longer plays with

  33. Clothing that does not fit

  34. Socks with holes

  35. Cables for electronics you no longer use

  36. Moldy shower curtains

  37. Scraps of gift wrap

  38. Purses no longer in style

  39. Outdated baby equipment

  40. Newspapers more than a week old

  41. Tile and carpet samples

  42. Dried-out art supplies

  43. Gloves/mittens/socks without mates

  44. Promotional cups and mugs

  45. Broken electronics

  46. Old greeting cards

  47. Half-empty sample size toiletries

  48. Worn-out pillows

  49. Old phones and tablets

  50. Rusty tools

  51. Condiment packets

  52. Expired coupons

  53. Unidentifiable keys

  54. Promotional t-shirts you never wear

  55. Old coffee and tea

  56. Cleaning products you don’t like

  57. Out-of-style sunglasses

  58. Expired medication

  59. Novelty pins and key chains

  60. Broken small appliances

  61. Jewelry you never wear

  62. Puzzles and games with missing pieces


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