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Junk drawer, no more

Most of us have a junk drawer (or a few) in our homes. It’s hard not to with all the little things that flow through the common areas of our homes every day. But the junk drawer gets a bad rap, so let’s spend a few minutes making it into a more functional space.

5 tips to tame your junk drawer

  1. First, remove all the contents. Immediately get rid of all the trash and recyclable items. Wipe down the drawer and allow to dry.

  2. From what remains sort into piles of similar items such as all office supplies (paper clips, glue sticks, pens, rubber bands), home repair supplies (screwdriver, extra hardware), papers (take-out menus, coupons), and more.

  3. Re-home items that belong elsewhere. Take the hardware to the workbench in the garage, the glue sticks to the children’s desk etc. If you find you have items that do not have a home, maybe the junk drawer is their designated home. Perhaps the junk drawer is the best place for the phone charger, the small tape measure, the markers for the family calendar.

  4. Use a drawer organizer to contain the items that permanently reside in the junk drawer. A drawer organizer prevents items from rolling around and being lost in the dark depths of the drawer. There are many sizes, shapes, and materials to choose from online and in local home stores. Make sure to measure your drawer before purchasing anything.

  5. If needed, label each spot of the drawer organizer so when a family member removes an item they can easily return it to its designated home.

With these five tips you can turn your junk drawer into a well-ordered spot for everyday necessities in less than 20 minutes. Don’t believe me? Set a timer and get started! If you would like assistance decluttering and organizing your home, contact me today at (608) 345-1836 or


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