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It's fall. Time to tackle the garage.

If your garage is a catch-all for boxes, toys and old furniture, or your car hasn't seen the inside of the garage for months, now is the perfect time to get the chaos under control. The garage is a necessary but often neglected part of the home. It can be difficult to store all the items you need and make room for a car or two. 3 simple steps to an organized garage

  1. Start your garage organization project by getting rid of everything that you no longer need or want, and is just taking up valuable space. Recycle it, donate it, sell it, toss it. Just let it go. Anything you want to keep but belongs elsewhere, re-home it.

  2. What remains can now be grouped into categories such as sporting goods, camping equipment, tools, seasonal decorations, home improvement items, and more. Separate your garage into zones and identify where each category of items will live.

  3. Use storage cabinets, racks, peg boards, hooks and shelves to keep items together and organized. Use your walls and overhead space to get large, light-weight items off the floor. Avoid hanging something above a vehicle that might damage it. Use the correct hooks and fixtures for your needs, and make sure they are attached securely. Screw into the wood joists, not the drywall.

By following these three steps you will have plenty of room for vehicles, bikes, snowblowers, lawn toys, and much more. Need some assistance decluttering and organizing your garage? Contact me by email at or call/text (608) 345-1836.


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