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Is a present-free holiday possible?

A month ago I did the unthinkable. I casually asked my children what they thought about receiving No Presents for the holidays. I explained that we would instead do something new and fun together as a family holiday adventure. 

The first question from the 5-year-old was, of course, about toys from Santa. I told her that if Santa receives her letter then I can't keep him from stopping by our house during his Christmas Eve trip around the world. But if she wants to skip the letter this year . . . I support her decision!

I am not anti-toy by any means. But I know that when people have an overabundance of material things they tend to value them less. This can lead to lack of gratitude and unhappiness.

Most of us try to focus on the deeper meaning of the holidays. But the sparkly store decorations are irresistible and big blowout sales can lure us to the crowded stores or online.

However, because I announced my idea and intentions to the family I'm more likely to commit to the minimal present plan. Wish me luck!

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