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Is a clutter-free Christmas possible?

The holidays are coming, and more than 80 percent of Americans say they would like to receive experience-based holiday gifts rather than more clutter.

But is a clutter-free holiday really possible?

You bet! Just consider these awesome clutter-free gift ideas for everyone on your list:

  • tickets to a sports event or music festival,

  • a membership to a fitness center or yoga studio,

  • hours with a cleaning service or handyman,

  • passes to an indoor trampoline park or rock climbing gym,

  • a subscription to Netflix, Hulu or Audible,

  • tickets to a movie, concert or the theater,

  • golf, dance or cooking lessons,

  • a day of relaxation at a favorite spa,

  • membership to a local museum or botanical gardens,

  • a wine-of-the-month subscription,

  • time with a personal trainer or nutritionist,

  • a workshop in cheese-making, soap-making, or herbal remedies,

  • a day at the water park, aquarium or zoo,

  • baked goods or adult beverages,

  • an annual pass for your state park or bike trail system,

  • gift cards to favorite local restaurants and stores, and

  • hours with a professional organizer for a new closet, pantry or garage!

And while you're thinking outside the (gift) box, have you ever heard the phrase, 'Shop Your Home?' The idea is to look around your own home for items you know others would cherish and be overjoyed to receive as a gift from you.

Warning – this is not the time to pass along three sets of dishes and an old piano!

Here are two examples:

  • Your daughter-in-law has admired the painting in your guest room for years. Why not make her feel special and share this piece of art you love with her? Remember to document or share it's history as well.

  • Your only grandson is a budding photographer. Would he appreciate receiving his grandfather's beloved 35 mm camera? Maybe, maybe not. He may be delighted and intrigued by this old (but new to him) technology. And if you think he might be disappointed you could always tuck a gift card inside the box.

Be sure to put a Reset gift certificate on YOUR wish list, or purchase one for someone you love. Just call me at (608) 345-1836 to get yours today!


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