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How to keep a clutter-free car

Over the past year many of us spent little time in the car. So few of us were commuting and hitting the road that auto insurance companies gave customers a discount.

But as the weather warms and the spring winds blow we are going to be back in our vehicles. Whether you are headed back to the office or touring the countryside, a clutter-free, organized car will help you enjoy the ride.

Let’s start with decluttering and cleaning:

  • Plan to clear the car regularly. Keep a small trash bag in the car and empty frequently. Each week grab a box or basket and toss in items that need to go in the house (empty coffee cups, purchases, gloves, hats, receipts, and more).

  • Refresh occasionally by vacuuming and wiping the interior. Keep napkins and cleaning wipes on hand for unexpected spills.

  • Remember to never leave electronics, keys, purse, wallet, or your car title inside your car. Keep visible piles of small change to a minimum.

  • Maintain with shared responsibility. My thinking is this: if you bring it in the car, you take it out of the car. I am not responsible for carrying others’ empty water bottles into the house or pulling out muddy soccer cleats to air dry overnight.

Now that the clutter has been cleared, try these tips for keeping the car organized:

  • Designate an easily accessible home (such as the center console or glove compartment) for everyday items like hand sanitizer, lip balm, sunglasses, reusable bags, tissues, and wipes.

  • Corral small items such as coupons, receipts, phone charger, pens, rewards cards etc. with a plastic envelope or a pencil pouch.

  • Create a spot in the vehicle for a container of errand-related items: packages to mail, books to return to the library, purchases that need to be returned to a store, items to give to friends/family, clothing for the dry cleaner, and more. When running errands, check the bin to see what can be acted upon that day.

  • Keep handy items such as a flashlight, first aid kit, emergency roadside kit, and blankets in one container so they don’t roll around the trunk.

There are many products designed specifically to help keep your car organized, including trunk organizers, passenger seat valets, back seat organizers, center console organizer, and more. If you’ve had trouble keeping your car clutter-free in the past, one of these products might be just the solution you need.


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