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Emails: how many is too many?

Are you stressed by the number of emails in your Inbox, or the amount you have in total?

Clients often tell me they have thousands of emails in their Inbox. The first questions I ask them are: Does the amount of email REALLY bother you? Or do you just think it SHOULD bother you?

I find that the quantity doesn’t bother as many people lately. Why? Because they have learned to use the tools built into the email program, such as search, flags, filters, rules, labels, and more.

Of course, I always recommend unsubscribing to promotional emails, and deleting anything not useful. But the choice to spend time on cleanup, set up a folder system, and regularly maintain it is up to each individual.

If you’re overwhelmed by your Inbox or if you’d like to learn more about available email tools, contact me at (608) 345-1836 or email


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