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Don't dread the shed

Are you enjoying every single last bit of nice weather as much as I am? These crisp fall days are perfect for finishing up those pre-snow projects in the garage and yard.

One area that is often overlooked is the garden shed. But now is the best time to prep your shed for spring. Don’t dread the shed, get it in order before the snow flies.

What does a shed need, really?

  1. Shelving. Nothing is worse than opening the door to piles of buckets, bags, tools, and pots covered in spider webs. Get items off the floor with a simple shelf or wall-mounted adjustable shelving. Using your vertical space will keep items safe and in full view.

  2. Tool rack. Storing tall tools like brooms, shovels, and trimmers on the wall will take up less precious floor space and keep them from becoming a jumbled mess. Tool racks come in many sizes so make sure to measure the space before purchasing.

  3. Tool bag or caddy. A portable tool bag for clippers, gloves, seeds, spray bottles, and more, is a must have for any gardener. Choose one that will fit on a shelf, keeping it safe from moisture over the winter.

  4. Heavy-duty bins. Plastic bins with tight-fitting lids are great for storing potting soil, bird seed, and similar products. And for keeping little critters out.

With these four storage solutions in place there will be no need to fear opening the post-winter shed.


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