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Do you have entry envy?

I do! I love magazine photos of gorgeous, inviting entryways where everything is perfectly organized, clean and ready to serve the needs of a big, happy family. You know the ones I'm talking about, right? There is always a big table holding a large vase of flowers, wide-striped vintage wallpaper, a bench made of barn boards, an antique mirror, plenty of natural light, and one pair of garden clogs.

Sadly, I know these types of images are not realistic for the majority of households. Where's the mud-covered boots or empty Amazon boxes? Where are the backpacks overflowing with snow pants, science projects, and nubby pencils?

The entry should be functional as well as inviting to guests. But entry clutter can pile up quickly and become an eyesore. So how do you combine the two to create a useful and beautiful space?

  1. First, remove anything that does not belong in this space. Re-home those oddball items you find while de-cluttering (tool box, scrapbooks, box of staples etc.).

  2. Determine what you need as you come and go each day, such as coats, hats, tote bags, umbrellas, and more. Review the items and sort into keep, donate, and toss. Get rid of anything that is broken, worn out or that you no longer love.

  3. If there is a closet, make sure to use all of the vertical space. Is there room for another shelf above and/or below the standard shelf and single rod? How about a shoe rack.

  4. For frequently used items such as coats, backpacks and dog leashes, consider a row or two of wall hooks.

  5. Contain seasonal items for each family member in open baskets. Label if necessary.

  6. If there is room, consider a bench with storage under the seat, a family calendar, or even an antique mirror!

  7. Finally, along with a spot for keys, make a home for items that need to leave the house such as library books, purchases to be returned, and items to be taken to the office or delivered to family or friends.

Try these ideas to master the mess of your entryway and you'll be on your way to picture-perfection in no time. Want some inspiration?


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