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Decluttering this weekend?

Avoid these common mistakes

So you've decided to declutter and organize a large space like a guest room or garage. Great! And you've set aside a weekend to do it. Not great.

Spending an entire weekend organizing is mentally and physically exhausting, especially if you are working solo. Consider your project goals and avoid these common mistakes:

  1. Starting too big. If you do not have a plan you will likely burn out and give up on the project before it is complete. Be smart and start small. Set aside a few hours to declutter one closet in the guest room or organize a shelf in the garage. Organizing is about progress, and there are no shortcuts to success. Always set a timer as a reminder to take breaks.

  2. Allowing too many distractions. There's nothing worse than cruising along on a project and suddenly being derailed by unwanted interruptions. One small thing can quickly turn into hours of work being lost. Start smart by removing distractions – yes, turn off the phone and TV, work when the kids are not home, put the pets (like the cute one above) in another room, whatever needs to be done to allow you to focus and work peacefully.

  3. Wearing yourself out. Pushing yourself too hard does not lead to success and satisfaction. Be kind to yourself, acknowledge that you are doing your best, and be proud of what you accomplish. Make sure to take breaks and have a snack or some lunch. And above all, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate by keeping water nearby at all times.

  4. Getting discouraged. After a few hours of work you may realize the problem is much larger than you imagined. Maybe you've had difficulty knowing where to start and feel like you are floundering. Don't be discouraged. Schedule another date and time on your calendar to work on the space again. Take some time to think about your goals and how you will achieve them. Enlist others to help if necessary.

Remember, it likely took many years to accumulate the items currently in the space so don't fool yourself into thinking it will all magically disappear in one weekend.

If you need some assistance getting started (or finishing what you started long ago), give me a call at (608) 345-1836 for more information about how a professional organizer can help you achieve your organizing goals.


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