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Ask me anything: shredding

Reader Question: My shredder died recently. Is there one you recommend? My Answer: Actually, no. I think there are better options than investing in an expensive piece of equipment that takes up space in your home office. Here’s what I recommend:

  • Get yourself a Theft Protection Roller Stamp to hide personal information such as name, account number, address, and more. Then toss the paper in the recycling bin.

  • Invest in Shredder Scissors to quickly shred receipts and paper.

  • Take a bag of confidential documents to your local office supply store (Staples, Office Depot) where shredding services are typically $1 per pound.

  • Look for shredding events (such as Shred Fest) that are held by local banks and credit unions in the spring or fall each year. Check your community newsletter or bank website as spring nears.

  • But if you simply must have a shredder, make sure it’s cross-cut with at least a 10-sheet capacity. This is a good one.


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