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Ask me anything: professional clothing donations

Reader Question: Do you have any suggestions for a place to donate professional men’s and women’s clothing and shoes? Since the pandemic we do not wear those clothing types as much. If there’s somewhere they can be donated for those needing business clothing early in their careers, I’d love to supply some. Please advise.

My Answer: Yes . . . but many professional clothing collection closets are full due to the generous donations of those no longer needing business attire now that they work from home. I’ve listed three local organizations below. Before you drop off items, click the links below to verify: 1) if they are currently accepting business attire donations, and 2) if so, what types of clothing they need.

But remember, local donation centers such as Goodwill and St. Vinnys are typically the first place a young person would go to find nice shoes for a funeral, a jacket for a summer job interview, and even a big-shoulder red dress to wear to an 80s-themed Halloween party.


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