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Ask me anything: nail polish storage

Reader Question: I have a large collection of nail polish and tend to leave bottles and tools all over the house. I’ve been using an old Caboodles caddy that I’ve outgrown and would like something different. What are some other options besides a larger caddy?

My Answer: Start by asking yourself a few questions about what works best for your nail polishing process. This will help you think through all of your needs and preferences.

Questions like: Do you paint your nails in the same place each time, or move around the house (at dining room table, in bed, at your desk etc.)? Would you like all items on display so you can see everything at once? Do you want to keep curious kids away from your expensive stash of goodies? How many tools do you have?

Once you’ve narrowed things down a solution to your storage dilemma will come easily. Below are some examples of various nail polish organizers to get you thinking:


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