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6 ways to tame laundry room chaos

Laundry rooms come in all shapes and sizes. The space could double as a mudroom, be inconveniently located at the far end of the basement, or be tucked in a tiny hall closet.

No matter how large or small, areas designated for laundry always need some organization. Here are six ideas to help you make the most of your space.

  1. Maximize storage space by installing cabinets and shelves above the washer and dryer. Or try slim rolling drawers between or alongside the units for storing detergent, bleach, stain remover, cleaning cloths and more.

  2. If you have cabinets or shelves, keep frequently used products within reach, and store items used less often on a higher shelf.

  3. Corral similar supplies together and store in open storage containers if necessary.

  4. Separate materials with ease using a rolling laundry sorting cart or tall hampers.

  5. To save space, attach a folding drying rack to the wall. Or add an over-the-door fold-out hook for placing items that can dry on hangers.

  6. If you routinely press clothing and linens but lack floor space needed for a full size ironing board, install a wall-mount ironing board cabinet or add an over-the-door ironing board holder.


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