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5 satisfying ways to end 2022

Before you dive into the chaos of holiday guests and gatherings, take action with my 5 satisfying ways to end 2022: Clean out the fridge Take a good look at what has gotten lost in the back of the refrigerator – and make room for the holiday dishes, treats, and leftovers that will need some space in a few short weeks. Pick a day on the calendar when you have a free hour and follow these 6 simple steps:

  1. Start by pulling everything out and tossing anything that is out-of-date and/or smelly.

  2. Give the shelves and drawers a good wipe down.

  3. Place most frequently used items near the front at eye level.

  4. Place tall items in the back of the refrigerator and small items in front for easy visibility.

  5. Group similar things together. Dairy on one shelf, fruits in one drawer, vegetables in another, condiments in the door etc.

  6. Each time you take out the trash and recyclables do a quick check of the fridge and freezer and toss old or expired items.

Donate holiday goods Many people attempt to sort through holiday items when putting the décor away. But by that point, it’s easier to toss everything in a bin and say you’ll worry about it next year. It’s always better to donate decorations before the holiday, so others can enjoy them this year. As you unpack your holiday decorations, ask yourself these 4 questions:

  1. Have I used this item in the past two years? Is this item no longer my style? If you haven’t used or displayed it recently, let it go.

  2. Do I like it? If yes, great! Put it in a special place around your home. If not, donate it so someone else can enjoy it.

  3. Do I have multiples of the same thing? Do I need 10 Christmas mugs or five platters for the turkey? Donate the extras you no longer need.

  4. Is the item broken? If so, get rid of it. Or make a plan to fix it.

Check your closet for items to donate, consign, or sell Dive into the depths of your clothes closet and unearth what may be ready to donate, consign, or sell. Here are my 5 steps to controlling closet chaos:

  1. Anything that does not belong in a clothes closet should be re-homed (e.g., boxes of printer paper, old dog beds etc.). Sort clothes, shoes, boots, bags, hats, belts, scarves and more into Keep, Toss, Donate, Sell, and Repair.

  2. Keep items that are in good condition. Anything stained, torn or twisted should go. Keep items that fit you well. Stick with your current size. If your size tends to fluctuate, keep items one size up and down in storage containers. Keep only items that you love how you look and feel in them. Any items that spark bad memories have to go.

  3. Divide items into casual wear and business wear and return to closet. Next, sort into categories: shirts, pants, skirts, jackets and more. From there, subdivide into sleeveless, short sleeve, long sleeve, short skirts to long skirts etc. If you want to go even further, sort by color. Use the same style hanger, and shoe racks/boxes, boot hangers, dividers, etc. as needed.

  4. Keep a donation bag, box or decorative basket in the closet. Each time you determine an item is ready to go to a new home, drop it in the bag. When the bag is full, close it up and immediately put it in your vehicle. The next time you run a few errands, drop off the bag at your favorite charitable organization or consignment shop.

  5. Set a calendar reminder for six months out to take a peek in the closet and review items again. It gets easier and quicker every time.

Make room for new toys Before Christmas is the perfect time to work with your children to purge toys they've outgrown. Most children are so willing to give toys, books and games to other children who will love them. Start by bringing in bags or boxes to use for recycling, donation and trash. As you go through each item ask these 4 basic questions:

  1. Is the item still age appropriate? If not, donate or sell it.

  2. Is the item in good condition and ready to be played with? If not, toss it.

  3. When was the last time the item was played with? If it has been a few months, donate or sell it.

  4. Would you buy this toy again? If not, let it go. If there are items you know the children have outgrown but are wary of giving up, set the items aside in a Hold box and revisit them again in six months.

Slash your junk mail in 2023 Have you ever wondered why we receive so much direct mail? Because it works! Research shows that people tend to keep advertising mail about 17 days. This gives all members of the household plenty of time to review it and take some action. And when you compare response rates of direct mail with email, direct mail wins by a long shot – 5% to 9% (depending on the recipient) versus 1% for email. If you’re ready to opt out of some junk mail, save some trees, and lighten the load of your recycling bin, check out the following:

And don’t forget green options for your legitimate incoming mail. E-bills and paperless options are available from most every organization. If you need some guidance in 2023, contact me at (608) 345-1836 or, and let’s get started.


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