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10 gifts for the #1 person on your list – you!

The holidays are upon us and before long ads for Black Friday sales will be ringing in our ears. This year take advantage of the deals and treat yourself to some practical goods that will help YOU stay organized for months and years to come.

The suggestions and solutions below may not be what you’d typically like to find wrapped under the tree. But decluttering your home and organizing the items you need and love is an important form of self-care.

Keep in mind, items below are just examples. These products come in many sizes, materials, and price points. Always measure your space before purchasing anything. Most items can be found in local home stores as well as online.

10 gifts for the #1 person on your list – you!

  1. Water bottle organizer: Water bottles take up a lot of space in a kitchen cabinet, and rarely tend to stay where you put them. A stackable organizer can keep your favorites close by and under control.

  2. Long handle tool storage rack: There are many great wall-mount storage racks on the market. I always recommend the heavy-duty kind with the long hooks so you can store folding chairs, hoses, shovels, and much more. So get those long handle tools off the floor and out of the corners, and display with pride.

  3. Bamboo drawer dividers: Only on a rare occasion have I found a pre-molded drawer organizer that fits a drawer (and the contents inside) perfectly. Luckily, a smart human invented adjustable drawer dividers. And then another smart human went a step further and made them with bamboo so all our drawers would look fabulous. They keep everything in designated spots and look great too. A win-win!

  4. Garment rack with cover: Unless you use one as your closet, or work in the clothing industry, there is no reason to have a garment rack without a cover. A covered garment rack in the basement or attic gives such peace of mind. Knowing your off-season clothing or special occasion items are tucked away safely is priceless.

  5. Expandable shelf organizer: There are lots of shelf organizers on the market. I find many of them are too small to hold the super-sized packages of food we buy these days. I always, always, always recommend the mega size expandable shelf because it's deep enough for the containers and extends more than any other available on the market.

  6. Cord management box: If you hate the look and feel of a rat’s nest of cords under your desk, a cord management box should be in your near future. Until everything is wireless, this is as good as it gets.

  7. Divided turntable: Nothing against a regular turntable or the horribly named Lazy Susan, but the divided turntable is the bomb. First of all, a turntable will change your pantry, kitchen, office, bathroom, and more, so if you haven't tried one, please do. But to then subdivide so everything stays in place when you get a little too carried away with the swivel . . . genius!

  8. Tall vanity makeup organizer: Having your skin care products front and center on your counter for easy daily use will keep your skin looking radiant and make you feel 10 years younger. It will, guaranteed!

  9. Adjustable rack for bakeware and cookware: Do you have a teetering pile of pans and an oven drawer full of cookie sheets and muffin pans? The next time you are in a home store take a look at the storage racks designed to make your cabinet space happy. I like to go even one step further with an adjustable rack. Trust me, it's a game changer.

  10. Bike storage rack: I can tolerate about 6 months of bikes taking up half of my garage. Beyond that, I cannot deal! Luckily there are many bike storage options on the market that get them up and out of the way before the weather turns cold and the snow blower takes up nearly an entire garage stall.

Do you need some assistance getting organized in 2023? Contact me at (608) 345-1836 or and let’s get started.


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