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10 easy ways to simplify your life

The first week of August is designated as Simplify Your Life Week. The calendar says August, so I guess we should get started.

Simplifying your life sounds good, but how do you actually eliminate those little things that cause you stress or anxiety?

Below I’ve listed 10 ways to clear some space in your life – try one, or all! Each individual’s situation is unique so just choose those that suit your needs and situation.

10 easy ways to simplify your life

  1. Keep a bag or box for donations handy and add to it each week. When it is full, place it in the passenger seat of your car and drop it off the next time you are out.

  2. Share calendars with family or friends for easy coordination of the next event or outing.

  3. Prepare for tomorrow at the end of each day by picking out clothing (for yourself and/or children), making lunches, loading items into your backpack or purse, and prepping for your morning coffee, tea, or smoothie.

  4. Take a look at items in your closet. If you cannot imagine yourself wearing something in the next 5 years, donate, sell, or consign it.

  5. Set a Do Not Disturb on your phone for sleep hours. Add a bit more time for uninterrupted pre- and post-sleep hours.

  6. Embrace the power of saying no to requests and demands on your time.

  7. Set up automatic deposits and bill pay, and go paperless to lessen your pile of mail.

  8. Take 5 minutes at the end of each day to do one small task, such as unloading the dishwasher, folding towels, or hanging up coats and backpacks.

  9. Unsubscribe, filter or block unwanted promotional emails and text messages.

  10. Check the average daily screen time usage on your phone. Set limits and restrictions to help decrease usage if you desire.

Do you need some assistance simplifying your life? I can help! Contact me at or (608) 345-1836.


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