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Quite a haul

When decluttering a space there will often be piles of stuff you want to remove from your home – but don’t know how.


It can be a challenge to identify environmentally friendly places to donate, sell, or dispose of items. And beyond that, do you have the time and energy necessary? This feeling is why a dumpster or 1-800-GOT-JUNK appeals to many people.


As part of each decluttering session, I help ease some of the burden by physically removing unwanted items from your life. I am happy to drop off items at Goodwill (or a few other places) while you sit back and watch a carload of donations drive away.


In 2023 I personally dropped off 318 bags/boxes of donations for clients. That number doesn’t include large pickups coordinated with trucks, items set aside for a rummage sale, piles placed at the curb, bags of goodies offered to family/friends, items posted on a Buy Nothing page, and much more.


I also take pet items (blankets, towels, food, medication) to the local animal shelter, eyeglasses to a local drop box, food and toiletries to a nearby food pantry, and prescription medication to the police station.


Beyond that I have loads of resources for specialty items. Whether you want to donate, sell, or dispose, I can help. Give me a call at (608) 345-1836 to start 2024 off with a good decluttering.


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