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Pack like a pro

School's out, time to hit the open road. Or maybe just take an Uber to the airport. Wherever you are headed this summer, a light load will make the trip more enjoyable. Have you ever seen someone smiling while dragging luggage through the airport? No? Me neither. Here are some packing tips to get you on your way:

  1. If flying, avoid bag fees by researching your airline's carry-on restrictions. And make sure to review the Transportation Security Administration's travel checklist.

  2. Use packing cubes to keep similar items together and your suitcase neat. Skipping the cube? Roll thin items and fold heavy items. Place clothes you will need first – usually pajamas – on top.

  3. Pack light by ditching the “what-ifs.” Most vacation destinations have plenty of merchants ready to sell you a rain poncho, new flip-flops, a bigger sun hat, or even a new t-shirt or sweatshirt if the weather turns.

  4. Use travel size toiletries and refillable bottles for liquids.

  5. Pack a plastic bag to stuff with dirty laundry later. Don't fret if you forget, there's usually one in the hotel room closet.

  6. Make sure your carry-on bag has the basics (change of clothes, medications etc.) to get you through a day if your luggage goes missing.

  7. Lighten your wallet by only taking the essentials. Make a copy of your ID, credit cards and itinerary. Store a copy in your luggage and leave a copy at home.

Don't let packing for a vacation stress you out. Just use common sense and focus on enjoying the adventure. Can't find your passport? Is your luggage ‘somewhere’ in the basement? I can help! Contact me at or (608) 345-1836.


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