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Opt out of mailbox clutter

I have a love/hate relationship with mail. I love receiving a card from a friend or family member, but I hate what else lurks in the mailbox – direct mail (aka junk mail).

According to the latest data from the USPS Mail Use & Attitudes Report, direct mail accounts for almost 60% of the mail US households receive. That is more than 450 pieces of marketing mail delivered to an average US household every year. On top of that, you can also expect nearly 100 pieces of nonprofit marketing mail to land in the mailbox as well.

Have you ever wondered why we receive so much direct mail? Because it works! Research shows that people tend to keep advertising mail about 17 days. This gives all members of the household plenty of time to review it and take some action.

And when you compare response rates of direct mail with email, direct mail wins by a long shot – 5% to 9% (depending on the recipient) versus 1% for email.

This data is enough to make me pull out my list of Ways to Opt Out of Junk Mail again. I can also save some trees and lighten the load of my recycling bin.

To opt out of what you no longer want to receive, check out the following:

And don’t forget green options for legitimate incoming mail. E-bills and paperless options are available from most every company.

Want to know more about managing mail and other incoming papers (including kids' schoolwork, event memorabilia, warranties, job materials and more)? Give me a call today at (608) 345-1836 or use the Contact Form.


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