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Need a little space? Remove these 20 from your life.

Summer is flying, right? I know I’m not alone in wondering how it’s August already. Everyone I know is busy with . . . life! All of this activity may leave you feeling like your home is a hot mess. Or at least not the relaxing space you desire.

To get things back on track, start small. Let go of the little things that are taking up space. I’ve included a list of 20 things below to get you started. Whether you donate, repurpose, sell, recycle, or toss these items, I guarantee you won’t miss them.

  1. Cookbooks you do not use

  2. Manuals to items you no longer own

  3. Grocery store receipts

  4. Old markers, pens, and crayons

  5. Expired coupons

  6. Old greeting cards

  7. Glasses with an outdated prescription

  8. Shoes that do not fit properly

  9. Childhood trophies

  10. Worn out luggage

  11. Broken electronics

  12. Old phones and tablets

  13. Unknown keys

  14. Dead batteries

  15. Condiment packets

  16. Expired food

  17. Old spices

  18. Broken/chipped dishware

  19. Promotional cups and mugs

  20. Vases from the florist


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