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Freshen your fridge in 20 minutes

7 simple steps for a fuss-free fridge

Hey there, would you like to brighten your mood today? I know a quick, no-cost way to make you feel productive and super-satisfied in less than 20 minutes.

Sound good? Great, first walk to the refrigerator. C'mon, it'll be fun, I promise.

Today we are going to find out what has been lost in the back of the refrigerator. Yes, it's time to chuck the moldy meat, fuzzy cheese, and goopy guacamole. And, of course, make room for delicious summer snacks and beverages. Those Summer Berry Trifles need a place to chill!

My seven simple steps for a fuss-free fridge:

  1. First, toss anything out-of-date and/or smelly. Good riddance!

  2. Next, wipe down the shelves and drawers so you are starting with a fresh, clean space.

  3. Place tall items in the back of the refrigerator and small items in front for easy visibility.

  4. Place your most frequently used items near the front at eye level.

  5. Group similar things together if possible. Dairy on one shelf, fruits in one drawer, vegetables in another, condiments in the door etc.

  6. When you have leftovers, store them in clear containers so you can easily see what is inside.

  7. Finally, each time you take out the garbage and recyclables do a quick check of the fridge for old or expired items.

Now, how does that feel? To maintain a clean, orderly fridge add a reminder to your calendar to do a 20-minute sweep every three months.

Do you need assistance organizing your kitchen this summer? Give me a call at (608) 345-1836 or email to see how a professional organizer can help.


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