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Every successful move includes this . . .

May is National Moving Month. One of my favorite suggestions for a successful move is to pack an Open First box. This is a box containing vital items that will help you have a good night’s sleep in your new home – and maybe also get you showered and off to work the next day.

Giving yourself access to needed items without opening a bunch of boxes after a long day of moving is important. First, make sure the box is labeled Open First on all sides and top. Next, decide if you want to move the box in your vehicle or have the movers handle it.

When the Open First box arrives at the new house place it in a designated spot out of the way (main bathroom, kitchen counter etc.). Open it and let your family know where the box is located in case they need something.

What should the Open First box include?

  • Phone chargers

  • Medication and medical devices

  • Extension cords and power strips

  • Flashlights with batteries

  • Coffee pot, coffee, cups, pods, filters etc.

  • Water and energy drinks

  • Snacks such as protein bars or trail mix

  • Pet items (food, medication, waste bags, litter etc.)

  • Kitchen products (paper towels, napkins, paper plates, plastic cutlery)

  • Bathroom items (toilet paper, soap, shampoo, towels, toothpaste/brush, makeup)

  • Bedroom items (sheets, blankets, pillows)

  • Cleaning products (multi-purpose spray, cleaning wipes, dish soap)

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