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31 days, 31 ways to cut your clutter

An Advent calendar is used to count the days in anticipation of Christmas. So how about a countdown calendar for clutter?

Start the new year with less clutter taking up valuable space in your home, and your life by printing this calendar or following the list below.

Each day of December toss, recycle or set aside for donation the item corresponding to the day of the month. I guarantee you won't miss anything on this list in 2018.

  1. Old phone books

  2. Socks with holes

  3. Magazines more than 6 months old

  4. Old hair brushes and combs

  5. Broken holiday decorations

  6. Cooking utensils you have multiples of

  7. Scarves you never wear

  8. Makeup that smells or is dried out

  9. Toys your pet no longer plays with

  10. Clothing that does not fit

  11. Bridesmaid dresses

  12. Pens and markers that do not work

  13. Cables for electronics you no longer use

  14. Moldy shower curtains

  15. Scraps of gift wrap

  16. Purses you never use

  17. Sample size toiletries

  18. Old pillows

  19. Promotional t-shirts you never wear

  20. Greeting cards from a shower, wedding etc.

  21. Stained plastic food storage containers

  22. Unused coffee mugs

  23. Out-of-date spices

  24. Promotional magnets

  25. Unused vases

  26. College textbooks you never open

  27. VHS tapes of recorded TV shows/movies

  28. Swimsuits with failed elastic

  29. Worn out sheets and blankets

  30. Chipped dishware

  31. Unknown keys


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