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To store, or not to store

Several years ago, the average length of stay for items in a storage unit was 9 to 14 months for residential customers, and 28+ months for commercial customers. Since then the same trends have continued but with an extension in both categories. A large percentage of customers will stay for many years, even decades. Leading the way are baby boomers, a group with higher disposable incomes and more “stuff” they believe to be valuable and want to keep. Boomers are using storage as a lifestyle management tool, putting off emotional decision making and renting a unit from month to month. Whether you need a storage unit long-term to house items you’ve inherited from a family member or collected over decades, or short-term to prepare for an upcoming move, follow these simple rules.

7 Simple Storage Rules

  1. Find a storage unit close to home so you can retrieve items quickly.

  2. Know what you are storing. Review the contents so you are paying only to store items you need or love. If you cannot see yourself using the items in the future, sell or donate them.

  3. Use shelving that is lightweight enough for you to move on your own.

  4. Group similar items together and store in airtight containers.

  5. Label all containers, and shelves too, if necessary.

  6. Keep a clear walkway to the back of the unit.

  7. If the unit does not include lighting, invest in a good LED lantern.

When it is time to organize your excess stuff – or save some money and completely let go of this lifestyle management tool – I can help. Contact me at (608) 345-1836 or to get started.


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